Recognize and celebrate the best of the best in the
 Midwestern United States beauty industry
six regional awards
three achievement honorees
two national award finalists

“Award submissions are a great way for a stylist to hone their eye, quench a thirst for creativity and market themselves in their own community and beyond.  Hopefully, they get their feet wet and feel celebrated enough to ultimately enter more again and again and go on to win the biggest awards!”



                      - Charlie Price

                      Founder, Hair Awards USA


Created by hairdressers for hairdressers

E N T R I E S  O P E N 

April 5, 2021

Entries will only be accepted through this website

E N T R I E S  C L O S E

August 8, 2021

Licensed professionals from the

following states are invited to enter:

The Midwest region includes:

Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri,

Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan