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 Hairstylist of the Year

Dazzle us with a collection that shows your range and versatility in cutting, styling, editorial or outré hair (or any combination of it all). Anything goes!

master Hairstylist of the Year

This category is designed for those with 15+ years of experience who have mastered their craft. Attention to detail and difficulty of execution count.  

newcomer of the Year

This category is designed to recognize licensed hair professionals with no more than three years of experience in our industry. Be creative and show us you bring a fresh perspective.

barber Stylist OF THE YEAR

Whether classic or extreme, this category's collections may use male and/or female models. Show us how well your detail work can enhance your model's feature as well as compliment their hair texture, density and style.  We do caution that any digital retouching of any kind including altering lines, fades, etc., will result in your entry being disqualified.

avant garde

hairstylist of the Year 

Let your imagination take over and devise your most astonishing designs. Do something arresting, dynamic, innovative, and most importantly, something we have never seen before!

lifetime achievement


inspiration icon

These categories will not accept submissions and will be nominated by Hair Awards USA Style Council members.

hair Colorist of the Year

From classic to over the top, express yourself, show off and submit the absolute best of what you do. Difficulty, taste and execution are key! Be ambitious! No synthetic hair of any kind is allowed in this category. Human hair wigs, hairpieces, and extensions ARE allowed. 

Hairstylist of the Year

Entries in this category must reflect skills used on multiple hair textures showcasing a professional ability to either alter or embrace a variety of textures of hair. This category will be judged by a panel of industry professionals known for their expertise in this area!

artistic team of the Year 

Are you part of a group of professionals from a variety of workplaces that collaborate to create collections or maybe you are an Artistic Team from a single salon?  Jump in here and show us what great minds with mad skills do when they work together! 

makeup artist of the Year

A look is never complete without makeup, so we have an award for that too!  Glamorous, eccentric, transformational, or classic, makeup can enhance or completely change the look of the person wearing it.  Show us what you do with your brushes, powders and creams!

future hairstylist of the Year

This category will not accept submissions but will be nominated by Directors of accredited, licensed learning institutions offering industry training necessary for professional licensing. Finalists will be chosen by members of the Hair Awards USA Style Council.  Finalists will be required to produce a short video displaying their passion, creativity and individual style. You're our future!

uncensored beauty award

For the artist who follows the road less traveled; the one who paves their own path.  This artist knows no boundry and is willing to break the rules to tell a story with their art.  They make it possible for others to go against the norm.  This artist will not be put in a traditional box; they won't be censored.  They are the epitome of Uncensored Beauty. This category will not accept submissions and will be nominated by Hair Awards USA Style Council members.

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